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Ryhme Rhymes with Rhyme (2010)

Funny, Funky, Fearless.... BGSU's favorite "Goof Rock" band is BACK!!

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Originally formed on Thanksgiving day 1992, "Pee" arose from the ashes of the Bowling Green State University bar band "Velvet Elvis". Guitarists, Greg Hall and Keith May decided to create a new casual band that would include input from all of their friends (most of which were non-musicians). With no responsibilities other than school,young love,and a passion for cheap cigars & Jewish alter wine, the only music they could write was downright silly. Besides Keith's minimal stint in junior high choir, no one felt they had a great voice and it was a level playing field for anybody to pipe up. As recording went on, Shane Pransky's dedication and role as idea man/drum machine operator/muse became essential to the mix. Andy Wagener was also a heavy contributor and took the lead in such classics as Pee's sega....I mean saga, "Beaver Boy". Keith and Greg went on to play in a few band together and can also be found on RPM as the two-piece "Water Villains". Shane found his passion in teaching the youth of America and Andy moved to NYC to share his artistic talents in computer art. After a very long hiatus, Pee has decided to reunite and record a new album for RPM.

Greg Hall, Keith May, Shane Pransky




Completed Albums

Ryhme Rhymes with Rhyme(2010)

Funny, Funky, Fearless.... BGSU's favorite "Goof Rock" band is BACK!!

No tracks have been uploaded for this album yet.